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Security Awareness Month Campaign

Work Completed: User inteface design, user testing, product strategy and development

At the Divsion of Information Technology at Texas A&M University, we celebrate Security Awareness month every October by creating an online game to make the campus more aware of cyber security threats that exist. We show them be safe online and with the social media accounts.

This year, we created two versions of a game that allows the user to chase a fictional character "Bad_bull" in an interactive, in-person game and strictly online. The premise behind the game is that "Bad_bull" is creating cyber security threats on campus and he is leaving clues to his whereabouts by using A&M traditions to find each location.

The question views for both the security question and the tradition question with an interactive map

Created the iconography to make the selection between the two types of games.

Once you complete the game, you have the opportunity to select which prize you would like to receive.