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Texas A&M University Redesign

Work Completed: User experience design, user testing, strategy and development, Information Architecture

The Problem

Texas A&M University needed a new site design because they felt that old design was not a good representation of the university. They wanted a website that is responsive, meets the current standards of accessbility and felt "Aggie".

They approached my co-worker and I because we were completing a number of websites in our department that they felt were well designed and were also accessbile and user-friendly.

We went through a 6 month process of requirements gathering, user-testing and meetings before we began on the design phase of the project. This is the outcome of our efforts.

The Solution

We wanted to create a site that we felt was a great representation of the "Aggie" spirit.


We created a series of templates and modules that can be used on each page that would align itself with an image that displayed what campus life was like and provided a clue to what the information would entail.

These templates presented the information needed to the audiences based upon our user feedback and usertesting.

Created a simple way to keep the brand of the univeristy and the menu always visible while you are scrolling through the longer pages.